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albert stepped backwards but it wasn't fast enough shane sent the needle towards albert (and since its been a while for albert to take the next dosage)

but then before the needle had time to stick it into albert's skin a sniper bullet shot the needle in midair

albert looked at the puddle of T virus and then scrambled backwards

“who did that?” asked shane he looked around and saw a glint of a weapon in the moonlight

shane then used his telekinetic powers to send himself up towards the source of the gunshot

while shane was busy to find who shot at the needle albert wesker slunk away

shane looked all over the roof and saw who shot him “really?” asked shane the soldier dropped his sniper rifle and then grabbed his magnum but shane used his telekinetic abilities to take hold of the soldier's hand  

the soldier looked at shane fearfully and then at his hand until he felt his own fingers were forcefully letting go of the magnum but the soldier still kept a good hold on his gun and managed to fire upon shane but the bullet was stopped in midair

shane smiled the soldier was now scared of shane and he aimed his gun at shane again but shane dodged it like albert wesker then in a blink of an eye he was in front of the soldier and then grabbed the soldier by the neck and held the soldier over the edge

the soldier looked down and then at shane

“that's a long drop....but it looks like you don't have a parachute” said shane

“!” whimpered the soldier

“too late...” said shane and he dropped the soldier to the street below

shane looked around for albert wesker also preston and taylor found their way to shane and then they looked over the edge and saw the dead soldier on the street below

“wow...that seems a little bit of overkill don't you think?” asked taylor preston seemed to agree but then again that soldier was the enemy

“now...what do we do?” asked preston

shane looked around for albert wesker some more and then spotted him shane grabbed taylor's gun out of its holster and aimed it albert wesker and shot albert wesker in the legs

albert wesker then fell to the ground and looked at his legs the bullet's went clean through the legs he then looked up and saw shane on one of the rooftops

shane jumped off the roof and then landed in the street causing a crater to appear on the ground

shane then walked over towards albert wesker (as usual preston and taylor kept a safe distance but they rooted their friend on from afar)

shane then raised his hands the windows around the buildings broke and then the glass shattered and the pieces of the glass floated around shane then they aimed at albert wesker

“now there is no one to help you....” said shane
resident evil metal gear 785
enjoy and blah blah blah
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ok i liked the big hero 6 movie

and it was good
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