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the helicopter finally landed on our base's helipad, preston and taylor got out of the helicopter (and yes there was someone else piloting the helicopter) then they helped shane out as well

preston, taylor and shane were glad to be home, jill ran towards shane and gave him a huge hug

and every hugged each other in a group hug

“so how did you escape?” asked jill

“shane used his telekinetic abilities” said preston

“what? He has...really? I never knew” said jill

“well now he does...” said taylor

“so now albert wesker will try anything to get me back to his building” said shane “and we will be ready for that will we”

“yes indeed we will” said preston

“now we understand why shane needs protecting” said taylor “its because he has this...telekinetic stuff”

back at umbrella... albert wesker was yet again going to capture shane and use his telekinetic abilities for his own use and so as usual he got his own unit of soldiers to capture shane even though the soldiers were reluctant to capture shane because the last group who tried got glass shoved in their vital parts and died

“are you afraid of some little kid?” asked albert “i thought I got the best soldiers anyone could ask for...”

“ sir!!” said one of the soldiers

“good...i am glad we understand each other” said albert wesker “then get the job done and bring that little brat back to me”

the soldiers then saluted albert wesker and went out towards their vehicles and drove off  towards our base

back in our base, shane and friends were getting ready for bed. And jill was waiting for shane to get to bed

jill sat on the bed and shane closed the door
“its been a while since we did this right?” asked jill she wrapped her arms around shane's neck

“yes it has...” said shane

“sit down....” said jill “and relax”

shane then sat down and then jill unbuckled shane's pants and slid them down to his ankles and took off her pants and underwear

jill straddled shane and helped herself by settling herself over shane's dick

jill moaned as she settled herself on shane's dick and she jostled her hips back and forth. She then leaned down and kissed shane on the lips

shane then layed back on the bed and stroked jill's hips

“ooh” moaned jill

shane came into jill and then he decided to get on top of jill, shane flipped jill over onto the bed

“ooh shane....” said jill feeling shane's dick go deeper inside of her

shane kissed jill and while he did he thrusted his dick against her, jill curled her toes and gripped the bed sheets with her hands

and once again shane came into jill and he was so exhausted he got off of jill and fell to the side of the bed and fell asleep

jill fell asleep too since shane was done with the sex. Outside, albert's soldiers just arrived  at the base

“alright everyone is probably asleep so we go in and kidnap the little brat” said the captain of albert's unit

“ know during this time...he is probably doing the boss's he isn't wearing anything...why not wait until he gets dressed or something...?” asked the soldier next to the captain

“yeh...i think you are right...” said the captain and so they waited until shane got dressed and out of bed


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ok i liked the big hero 6 movie

and it was good
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