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albert's new unit of soldiers that weren't hit by shane's telekinetic powers came in and surrounded shane

“stay away from him!!” said preston aiming his gun at the soldiers and taylor did the same

some soldiers saw this and shot the guns out of the teens hands and then knocked them to the ground and kneed preston and taylor in the back and handcuffed them both

“get off me!!” said preston struggling

taylor struggled as well but the soldiers were pinning the teens really good, but as for shane he really didn't need any pinning of any kind but he had handcuffs (special handcuffs that send out tranq fluid at intervals)

“alright bring the kid here to the truck...careful not to wake him....” said albert he looked around at the carnage shane did to the garage (once again this is our base)

shane was handcuffed in the back of the van and preston and taylor were pushed in as well

preston and taylor ran towards shane and tried to shake him awake but shane was so drowsy that he couldn't wake himself up (he was half asleep he could tell what was going on though but it was really blurry)

“shane wake up!! you have to!” said taylor

just then the doors of the van closed and they were stuck in the dark for the time being and then they felt the van get its engine started and then they moved down the road

preston saw there was no way to get off the handcuffs off of shane's wrist

taylor carefully shined a light in shane's eyes

“his pupils are quivering...does that mean he is awake?” asked taylor

“uh...uh...” moaned shane then some stuff was floating around shane

“hey...come on buddy...wake up!!” said preston “if you don't we will be taken to umbrella and who knows what albert will do to you there”

shane was only half awake but his powers were greatly weakened by the sedative

taylor sat shane up or at least tried to because shane fell back onto taylor

shane moaned sleepily

“preston get him off...he is heavy” said taylor preston did just that and laid shane on his lap
but then the car stopped and the driver got out and opened the back of the door

there were 11 soldiers outside of the van's door and they all climbed in the back of the van

preston and taylor both protected shane by standing in between the soldiers and shane
“stand aside if you know what's good for you” said the enemy soldier

“no...we will not let you have him” said preston and taylor agreed with his brother taylor
two more soldiers from behind the other soldier walked up and pushed preston and taylor aside and grabbed shane and pulled shane to his feet.

Shane was really out of it but he could sense what was going on, shane tried to pull himself away but he fell back again

preston and taylor caught shane before he could fall to the ground

the soldiers once again grabbed shane from preston and taylor then forced them to stand and pushed them out of the van and into the umbrella building

“we aren't going to let you use shane again...” said preston

“Shut up” said the soldier “or you won't hear from your friend again....albert isn't going to harm your least for the time being”

preston and taylor tried to lunge at the soldier but two more soldiers held them back

“well now I can finally understand what this power is all about” said albert kneeling down near shane who was still sleepy from the massive sedative dosage.
albert grinned but that didn't stop shane from grabbing albert's throat and choking him

just then a group of albert's soldiers came into the garage (this is still our base)

“just in time....looks like you are going to be stopped here and I can have you as one of my experiments...” said albert wesker

“we shall see...” said shane with a grin on his face

preston and taylor ran towards shane and hid behind him (this time shane would protect his friends)

the soldiers aimed their guns at shane, he walked into the middle of the room with preston and taylor close behind him

the soldiers then started shooting at shane (preston and taylor were shooting at the soldiers as well)

but before the bullets could even hit shane, shane put up his telekinetic shield so the bullets once again slowed down then the bullets fell to the floor

the soldiers were lifted off the ground and flung to either side of the garage room

“shit...” thought albert “how am I going to get out of this mess...?”

shane walked towards albert but as he was distracted by albert, one soldier who was still conscious aimed his tranq at shane and shot it at him

shane felt a little prick but before he had the time to ram the soldier unconscious, shane felt drowsy and then he fell to the ground asleep.

Albert was gasping in relief, then he stood up and walked towards shane and poked shane with his armani shoe

“ careful!” said the soldier

“now...” said albert “now I am going to take him back to my lab...and find out how he got this...telekinetic power”
resident evil metal gear 763
read and enjoy

what will albert wesker do with shane now? who knows


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