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shane couldn't believe his powers were barely working, while they were being surrounded and their weapons were taken away; shane was figuring out what to do next
plus he was still mad at his son for joining albert wesker's unit

steven didn't know what to say to his dad in the van they were forced to ride in
shane didn't even look at his son he was so disappointed

steven patted his dad on the should but shane pulled away and stood up and glared at his son

“you of all joined him?” asked shane

“but dad I....” started steven

“look what's done is done...forgive steven sure are stubborn...this isn't like you...” said preston

shane bit back a retort then he sat back down on his seat holding his head in his hands
preston had a sad look on his face and so did taylor. They both patted shane on the back, shane sighed and looked up at preston and taylor plus steven.

“so what's gonna happen now?” asked steven

“i don't know....” said shane “maybe just maybe....get to be an experiment for albert wesker's new programs”

“that's helping dad...” said steven getting a little snippy

shane sat silently and looked out of the window at the dark city then all of a sudden the van stopped and then they heard car doors opening and closing.

Then two soldiers walked past and then opened both of the doors where shane and the others were

“alright...get out...” said one of the soldiers

shane stood in front of his son and his friends “no..” said shane he then used his telekinetic abilities to push the soldier off of his feet

the soldier landed on his back and then quickly held up a gun at shane and the others

albert wesker then stood next to the soldier who was on the ground “look we don't want any trouble...” said albert wesker “just come to my lab quickly and quietly as possible”

shane and everyone stood silently in the van for a few quiet hours; then one of the soldiers came into the van and drags steven out of the van

“no!! stop don't” said shane “don't touch my son!”

the soldier who held steven by the arm wouldn't let go in fact he was holding steven's arm so tight it really hurt steven

steven winced in pain but then the soldier was yet again knocked off of his feet shane used telekinetic powers to knock down the soldier bringing steven down with him. The soldier grabbed steven in an armhold and held a gun to steven's head.

“Stop right there...” said albert wesker “now we can do this the easy way...or the hard way...”

“you are just going to kill my son either why should I trust you” said shane
albert wesker just smiled and then he ordered his soldiers to forcefully bring in everyone into the lab
resident evil metal gear 787
read and enjoy

i hope everyone is who is reading this please leave something that you have read it just DO IT!!! Markiplier Shocked open mouth (GIF)

if not this would probably be meYuuichirou Hyakuya [Owari no Seraph]  jk i'll be like this {Icon:Naruto} Karin Fangirl 
albert looked all around him there was glass floating everywhere and shane was just standing still very creepily

albert just scrambled backwards but the glass were still following him

“!! stay away!” said albert

“now you know how it feels” said shane “i am going to enjoy this” shane raised his hand and the glass aimed themselves towards albert wesker

albert closed his eyes but what shane didn't know there were a couple of albert's special unit soldiers out there, they circled around the buildings in the darkness then ever so carefully they aimed a couple of their guns at shane

preston and taylor sensed something was wrong so they left their post and did a little recon they saw there were a couple of enemy soldiers hiding in the shadows in the building next door

preston and taylor quickly crept quietly towards the enemies they used hand signals for each other, and as for leon and snake who just shown up they didn't go ahead of the teens until they got in close enough to get rid of the enemy

when they got in close enough, snake grabbed one of the enemy soldiers yanked him into the shadows and held a kabar to the enemy soldiers neck

the soldier tried to get away but the sharp pain made him stop struggling

“please...don't kill me...its just...its just orders” said the young man

“i know that voice who are you?” asked preston

snake pulled off the young man's mask and it was revealed to be shane's son steven

“you!!” exclaimed taylor “what is going on here....explain yourself”

“albert....albert wesker made me....he made me...i am sorry” said steven

“did he recruit all of the kids or just you?” asked snake

snake pressed steven to the ground and said “put down that gun and think about this for a second...who is out there right now?”

“my dad....shane....” said steven “ scared”

“look he is trying to protect you!!” said preston “And what are you doing? You are going to kill your own dad”

steven looked down at his gun and then put it in his holster “but what about the others...we have to stop them”

the other enemy soldiers were still aiming their guns at shane outside of the building

“but how?” asked preston “there are like 7 of them”

“i will handle this” said snake

“but on your own?” asked taylor

snake patted taylor on the shoulder and smiled “you know me....” then he went off to stop the other enemy soldiers

steven was hugging himself in the corner of the room

“how did you come into albert wesker's service?” asked preston

steven really didn't want to talk about it

“Come on you can tell us...we are your friends” said taylor

steven mustered up some courage and told taylor and preston how he was forced into albert wesker's unit at gunpoint

“wow...he really knows how to get to people doesn't he?” asked preston

“now he wants me to kill my dad...i...i can't” said steven then he sobbed and hid his face in his hands

by then the enemy soldiers were taken care of, but then the ground started to rumble

“what's that?” asked steven

“shane's power is growing I was afraid of this....this was my mission...i was supposed to stop my dad from destroying everything” said steven

“maybe you still could” said preston

steven then gulped and said “me?'ve seen my dad right...i am not sure he is the same person....”

“we are scared of him too you know...but do you see us running?” asked taylor

“we have to get out of this building” said snake “shane is about to crush albert wesker by using this building....”

the others jumped out of the back of the building before it could fall

but albert wesker survived that, which made shane really angry and with that the ground around shane made an even deeper crater

“Dad!!! stop!!! you'll kill everyone!!” said steven “its me your son....!!”

“steven?” asked shane calming down “Why....why are you wearing umbrella's fatiuges?”

“he made me dad....he forced me into his service if I didn't....he would kill mom!!” said steven

“what?” asked shane turning to albert wesker “is this true?” shane gripped the gun in the holster around his thigh

“wait...wait...don't...i can explain” said albert wesker holding up his hands

“then explain to the gun cuz I aint listening” said shane

“wait dad....please” said steven standing in front of albert wesker

“you...” said shane “get out of the way”

steven then said “he just said he would listen to you....just put down your gun now”

shane's face was emotionless then he sighed and put his gun away but just for good measure he used his telekinetic ability to shove albert wesker backwards into a wall

“alright...i  get the picture...” said albert wesker

“sure you do....” said shane “now explain why my son is in your service”

albert then said “steven is in my service because he was sent to take you down so you can be taken off to one of my labs...”

steven then grabbed the umbrella badge off his shirt and then threw it to the ground to albert wesker

“so...its gonna be like that huh?” asked albert wesker “you have sealed your fate” albert wesker stood up and just like that another special soldier unit shown up but this time there was something different about them

shane felt there was something wrong with his powers they were barely doing anything

“your powerless against this team of should've just killed me when you had the chance” said albert wesker “Take them to my lab...and as for my newest traitor....take him to my labs along with his father”
resident evil metal gear 786
read and enjoy or comment or whatever


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ok i liked the big hero 6 movie

and it was good
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